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Ward Sports Medicine Building

Ward Sports Medicine Building

Completed in 1989, the Ward Sports Medicine Building houses administrative offices for the ECU athletics department, including the Pirate Club, football and volleyball offices, media relations, compliance, director of athletics and other administrators. The Pirate football locker room, student development offices and athletics training department are also located in the three-story structure.

The building was dedicated in honor of Robert and Margaret Ward of Burlington, N.C., in 1991. At that time, it was the largest single-endowed gift ever received through the ECU Educational Foundation. The gift is just one of the numerous contributions the Wards have made to the Foundation over the years.

In addition to being the home of ECU Athletics, the 82,095-square foot structure also houses the Human Performance Laboratory.

The injury treatment and rehabilitation center of the sports medicine department includes the latest in technology, making it one of the top sports medicine programs in the country.

The entire coaching staffs for the football and women's volleyball teams are housed on the second floor, while the athletics administrative staff has its offices on the third floor.

Features of the first floor include:

  • Sports Medicine Training Center - Sophisticated injury treatment, evaluation and rehabilitation equipment fill the room including touch-control whirlpools, a computerized isokinetic rehabilitation and evaluation machine, examination rooms and a seven-foot deep whirlpool that allows an injured athlete to exercise without bearing weight.
  • Football Locker Room - The 4,291-square foot renovation project completed prior to the 2008 season included 125 custom-made lockers featuring a natural finish wood veneer and solid wood edges. The locker room also has commercial carpet with a purple hue and a large centered in-laid Pirate head logo, a full-wall mural and six overhead flat-screen televisions.
  • Football Meeting Rooms - Eight meeting rooms wired and furnished with the latest in drop-down display screens and video and computer equipment from XOS Technologies were completed during the summer of 2006. The complex includes one team meeting room (107 permanent embroidered "Pirate-logoed" theatre-style seats), one unit room (55 seats) and six positional breakout rooms (12-15 seats).
  • Equipment Storage
  • Women's Locker Room

Attractions of the second floor include:

  • Leo Jenkins Auditorium - A multi-use auditorium that can seat up to 300 people and can be broken down into four different rooms. It is used for meetings, classes and other gatherings.
  • Hall of Fame - Hall of honor recognizing distinguished individuals who have brought admiration to Pirate athletics. A plaque recognizing each member of the Hall of Fame is on display.
  • Football and Volleyball Suites - The football staff has their own private office suite with each coach having his own individual office behind a spacious reception area. The women's volleyball staff also utilizes a suite complete with a separate meeting room and personalized offices.
  • Pat Draughon Study Center - This location provides wireless access for laptop use as well as printing. Each computer is connected to the Internet, a printing station and is loaded with additional programs needed for classes. The offices of the several members of the student development staff are also contained inside the study center.
  • Sports Medicine Offices
  • Student Development Offices

The third floor includes:

  • Human Performance Laboratory - A sophisticated lab with the latest in human performance technology.
  • Biomechanics Lab
  • Athletic Administrative Staff - Offices saturate the third floor with the business, media relations, Pirate Club and athletics operations departments all housed on the top level of the building. The office of the director of athletics is also located on the third floor.