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Frequently Asked Questions - Cheerleading Tryouts

June 15, 2009


When are tryouts?
ECU has tryout during both the spring and fall semesters. The spring tryout is for returning team members and currently enrolled ECU Students. The fall tryout is for all incoming freshman and returning ECU Students.

Does the ECU cheerleading and mascot program offer scholarships?
Yes, we do offer partial scholarships that are donated from sources outside of the Athletic Department. The amount available depends on the amount that is donated each year. Scholarships are available to students on their third and fourth year with the program and if they have an overall GPA of 2.50 or higher.

Doe you have a coed and an all girl squad?
ECU is proud to have opportunities on both coed and all girl teams. Our program consists of three teams: Purple Coed (advanced skill level), Gold Coed and All Girl.

Is the coaching staff certified?
All members of the coaching staff are AACA Certified and follow AACA and NCAA Guidelines.

Does your team compete?
Our main priority is to serve as ambassadors for the ECU Athletic Teams and the University. If our schedule permits us to travel to a competition and still fulfill our role with our teams, we will compete. This year we were fortunate to compete at Cheer LTD in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and win the national title in our division. The decision to compete will be made on a yearly basis, based on our obligations to our athletic teams and University.

Can I tryout by video?
It is the policy of the coaching staff not to accept video prior to tryouts. It is our goal to keep the tryout with an equal advantage for everyone, with that in mind we like to see everyone at tryouts without any preconceived judging.

I am an incoming freshman, can I tryout in the spring?
All incoming freshmen are permitted to tryout during the fall tryout, after they have attended an ECU Orientation and have successfully registered with a minimum of 12 hours for the fall semester.

What I can do to prepare for tryouts?
The best way to prepare yourself for tryouts is to continue sharpening your stunting and tumbling skills. We also run four times a week for about 30 minutes each run. Endurance is a must to make it through tryouts, the season, and continue with the program. Proper nutrition and adequate hydration are very important. Eat well balanced meals and drink lots of fluids. Many do not make it through the first day of tryouts because they did not eat or drink enough prior to practice.

Do I need a physical from my doctor before tryouts?
No, Prior to tryouts you will fill out a Tryout Health History Questionnaire to be reviewed by the ECU Athletic Training Department. Each questionnaire will be reviewed by a certified athletic trainer and a physician with the ECU Athletic Department. Physicals with the ECU Student Health Center will be scheduled as deemed necessary.

The tryouts begin before my dorm opens, can I request an early move in?
Yes, because we try to get tryouts completed before classes start, we are able to schedule an early move in for the dorms. There is an additional cost, however we are able to pass along our programs discounted rate because we require you be here to participate. This will be scheduled upon your registration for tryouts.

When are practice times and what do they entail?
All three teams practice Sundays 5-8 p.m., Tuesdays 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. , and Thursdays 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. We also lift weights with the ECU Athletics Strength and Conditioning coaches Tuesday and Thursdays from 6 - 7:30 am. All practices and weight training are mandatory. *Please note that in the first two weeks prior to our first home football game we add additional practices to our schedule.

How much time does it require to participate with the program?
Our season begins one-and-one-half weeks prior to classes beginning in August (sometimes earlier if we attend a camp) and continues through end of April. With game days included we spend up to 20 hours per week participating in practices, weights, games, and appearances. Cheerleading is a huge commitment! It is also very rewarding! It is possible to participate with the program and be successful academically. It takes self discipline, organization, and the ability to set priorities.

What team cheers for games?
All three teams are on the field for each football game. The Purple Coed team travels to away games, bowl games, and men's home basketball games. The All Girl and Gold Coed Teams cheer at several home volleyball games and alternating women's basketball games. All three teams make appearances as needed for other ECU Athletic Teams.