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Pee Dee To Compete In 2013 Capital One Mascot Challenge

Pee Dee The Pirates is one of 16 mascots participating in the 2013 Capital One Mascot Challenge.
Pee Dee The Pirates is one of 16 mascots participating in the 2013 Capital One Mascot Challenge.

Aug 29, 2013

Pee Dee's Press Conference

Ways to vote and participate in Capital One Mascot Challenge: l l

MCLEAN, Va. - For the first time in school history, East Carolina's own mascot, Pee Dee The Pirate, has been selected to participate in the Capital One Mascot Challenge during the 2013 football season. Pee Dee is one of 16 mascots chosen from all across the country, and all walks of life to compete in the 12th annual challenge.

Who would win in a showdown - a Pirate or a Spartan? Is a wildcat or a tiger the tougher feline? What happens when a badger goes head-to-head with a ram?

This year and for the first time in Mascot Challenge history, Capital One is providing fans three ways to support their favorite mascot. As in year's past, fans can click "vote now" to earn one point for their spirit-filled hero. But why stop there? Show your support for Pee Dee by completing the weekly 25-point challenge by posting something witty on Facebook or Twitter. If you are willing to go all-out for Pee Dee, complete the weekly 100-point challenge. It's a true test of your mascot pride. Upload a photo or video as evidence and Capital One will add 100 points to Pee Dee's total. Capital One has taken the Capital One Mascot Challenge to a whole new playing field. How far will you go?

Members of the 2013 Capital One All-America Mascot Team, as nominated by their schools and selected by a panel of judges from Capital One and the mascot community, are detailed below.

Pee Dee The Pirate of East Carolina University
Raider Red of Texas Tech University - 2012 Winner
Baldwin the Eagle of Boston College
Big Jay of The University of Kansas
Big Red of Western Kentucky University - Hall of Fame Inductee
Bucky Badger of The University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cam the Ram of Colorado State University
Hokie Bird of Virginia Tech
Mike the Tiger of Louisiana State University
Monte of The University of Montana - 2002 & 2004 Winner
Rocky the Bull of The University of South Florida
Rocky the Rocket of The University of Toledo - 2012 Write-In Winner
Smokey of The University of Tennessee
Sparty of Michigan State University
The Duck of The University of Oregon
Wilbur T. Wildcat of The University of Arizona

New challenges and new matchups are announced every Monday. This week's 25-point challenge is to write a cheerleader-style cheer for their mascot of choice and submit to Facebook and Twitter using the appropriate, mascot specific hashtag (#CapitalOnePeeDee). For the 100 points challenge, fans must film/photograph themselves doing the cheer in public. Fans can submit their votes and/or content at

Pee Dee will face off against the defending champion Raider Red, the Texas Tech mascot in the first week of competition, which starts today and runs through Sunday, Sept. 7. During the second week of the challenge (Sept. 9-15), which coincides with ECU hosting Virginia Tech, Pee Dee will be pitted against the Hokie Bird. ECU's featured match up of the week will take place from Nov. 4-9 against Wilbur T. Wildcat, the University of Arizona's mascot.

"Mascots are the center of school spirit at colleges across the nations," said Marc Mentry, Senior Vice President of Advertising and Creative at Capital One. "With the added layer of fan challenges to this year's program, we are looking forward to seeing the enthusiasm, support and humor shine through for their favored mascots and schools."

College football expert Phil Steele will once again create the annual Mascot, a weekly power ranking of all 16 mascots and their statistical chances to win the overall title.

Voting opens today and continues weekly through December 15, 2013. Fans can visit for all voting information as well as engage with the Mascots and other fans at and

The Capital One National Mascot-of-the-Year will be crowned at the Capital One Bowl on January 1, 2014. The winning school will be awarded a $20,000 scholarship toward its mascot program. Each participating Capital One All-America mascot's school will also receive $5,000 for their respective mascot program.