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2016-17 TRYOUTS

Tryout Dates:
May 13-15, 2016

  • Tryouts - Friday, May 13 (4 p.m.), Saturday, May 14 (9 a.m. - 1 p.m./3 - 7 p.m.); Sunday, May 15 (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.)
  • Tryout times, attire, locations and details will be given upon receipt of all forms and fees. All tryouts and practices are closed to non-participants.
  • Application Deadline: Monday, May 4

    Tryout Applications may be downloaded and sent completed and signed to:
    Susie Hetzler Glynn
    East Carolina Cheerleading
    118 Scales Field House
    Mail Stop 158
    Greenville, NC 27858
    Fax: (252) 737-1414

    or e-mail to

    Please refer all questions to Susie Glynn

    Try-Out Requirements:
    1. A great attitude and commitment (including positive attitude toward coaches, team members, and tryout participants)

    2. Full time registered student at ECU

    3. A 2.0 minimum GPA

    4. Good Standing with the University and community (no flags on student records or student affairs)

    5. Team and participants will run two miles each day prior to practice

    6. At Try-Outs:

    • Fight Song (includes Standing Back Handspring)
    • 1 Band Chant Routines
    • 2 Team Cheer/Chants
    • Tumbling (Female Participants for Coed and All Girls Squads)
      All tumbling skills should be mastered prior to tryouts. Instruction is not provided.
      • Round Off (Mandatory)
      • Tumbling pass with 3 or more elements (Mandatory)
      • Standing Back Handspring/Standing 2 Back Handspring (Mandatory)
      • Standing Back Tuck (light spot allowed with 2 point deduction)

    • Stunts
      • Tryout Stunts will be decided based on abilities of current team skill level and overall skill level of tryout participants
      • Basic stunt examples are:
        • Walk in Hands - Full Down
        • Toss Extension - Full Pop Off
        • Hop-N-Go Heel Stretch Full or Double Down
        • Toss Lib - Pop Off
        • Full Up - Heel Stretch - Double Down
        • Switch Ups
        • High to High Lib
        • Straight up Arabesque Double Down

      • Flexibility, Strength, and Consistency will be judged throughout tryouts

    • Positions available: Flyers, Bases, Back Spots, and Tumblers for all three squads will be selected.

    7. Female students trying out for Coed squad must not weigh more than 125 lbs (as that is the weight the men have as a minimum baseline strength assessment). This is per ECU Athletic Training Guidelines.

    8. Male students trying out for or returning to the squad must clean lift 155 lbs. one time, press lift 155 lbs. five times, and pump 55 lbs. dumb bell five times with each arm. This is per ECU Athletic Training Guidelines.

    9. Complete and sign all necessary waivers and forms to be returned prior toTuesday, May 3 with a $10 Tryout Registration Fee.

    10. Each student must be cleared by sports medicine prior to try out activities. (Participants must be free of any injury or condition that will impede their safety or that of fellow participants.)

    11. Per 2010-11 NCAA... Prospective tryout participants must turn in the signed Medical Physical And History Form with a copy of the Sickle Cell Solubility Test lab report prior to the tryout. No exceptions!

    No advance videos accepted or individual meetings will be granted. Each participant will have an opportunity to meet with the coaching staff during their interview and all skills will be assessed during the tryout week. We do this to give every participant and equal opportunity during the tryout process and so individual candidates will not have any advantages prior to tryouts.