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ECU Dance Team Policy


The East Carolina University Athletic Department supports and directs the Dance Team. As a student support program in the athletic department the squad adheres to the role and mission of the East Carolina University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.


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The primary mission of the East Carolina University Dance Team is to function as a spirit support group, as game entertainment as well as public relations ambassadors of East Carolina University.


GOAL: To be exemplary representatives of East Carolina University.


  1. To encourage fan support and provide quality performances at athletic events and athletic or school related events (pep rallies, Homecoming, etc.)
  2. To appear and represent the University at University activities, local and state activities, functions, programs and philanthropic events.
  3. To raise the level of public support for the University.
  4. To serve as role models to the youth in the community.


Supervision and support for the Dance Team is the responsibility of the East Carolina University Athletic Department.


East Carolina University is committed to assist Dance Team members in their academic and personal growth and in achieving their highest potential as individuals. Other significant benefits include:

  1. Participate in the strength and conditioning program.
  2. Leadership development opportunities.
  3. Medical and training room services.
  4. Psychological/Mental Health and Nutritional services
  5. Equipment and Clothing
  6. Participate at home athletic events and selected traveling events.


It is imperative for Dance Team members to remember they are representing East Carolina University, the East Carolina University Athletic Department, C-USA, and the State of North Carolina. Conduct and behavior must be exemplary at all times, not just when in uniform. Therefore, East Carolina University Dance Team members will conduct themselves in a lawful manner and in compliance with all city, state and federal laws and the East Carolina University Student Code of Conduct described in the East Carolina University Student handbook. Dance Team members are also subject to the ECU Athletic Department Code of Conduct and Conference code of conduct statements.

In addition, the East Carolina University Dance Team must adhere to the following rules and procedures. Dance Team members who do not comply will experience disciplinary action including suspension or dismissal from the team. The Dance Team Coach will make all disciplinary actions in accordance with department guidelines.

ACADEMICS First and Foremost Priority. You are here for an education.

  1. Dance Team members must maintain 12 credit hours and receive a 2.00 grade point average each semester they are on the squad.
  2. All Dance Team members must have a 2.0 to tryout.
  3. Dance Team members who receive below a 2.0 will be on probation for one semester (Spring GPA lower than a 2.0, probation for the following fall semester / Fall semester GPA lower than a 2.0, probation for the spring semester and not able to try out).
  4. Dance team members who receive below a 2.0 will be required to attend study hours and will be placed on probation. The terms of probation will be determined by the dance team coach.
  5. Dance Members are expected to attend all classes. The Dance Team Coach or University administrator will conduct random checks.
  6. Periodically each semester, Dance Team members will be directed to have their professors complete a grade form and return it to the appropriate athletic staff member.
  7. Class excuses for official dance travel must be given to professor's prior to travel. Student sessions and tutor sessions will be scheduled as necessary.


  1. Dance Team members will support athletic teams, the University, community and state by their various dance performances.
  2. The coach will approve all appearances.
  3. Team members must be on time for all practices, sporting events, appearances, meetings and any other team event or activity.
    • The first infraction will result in a warning.
    • The second will require sitting out of a game or event.
    • The third will result in dismissal from the team.

    If a member is late for a game or performance, they will forfeit their position to perform.

  4. The coach will determine what members of the team will travel.
  5. Excused absences will be determined by the coach. Academic absences are automatically excused but, the coach must be informed.
  6. Dance members must be available for athletic events and appearances during all official East Carolina University holidays (e.g. Spring Break, Winter Break, Thanksgiving, etc.)
  7. Dance members who miss a scheduled appearance (game or other) without prior notification to and approval by the coach will be dismissed from the team.
  8. If a team member is dismissed or quits the team during a year, that individual will relinquish the opportunity to try-out for the team the next academic year.
  9. Dance Team members will immediately report an injury or illness to sports medicine personnel and the coach.
  10. Athletic Department doctors and/or trainers will examine the dance team members with an illness/injury and will determine the dancer's ability to participate, perform, and/or practice.
  11. Dance members will participate in strength and conditioning programs designed and implemented by professionals from the ECU Athletic Strength and Conditioning Coaches and the Sports Medicine area.
  12. Dance members will be subject to body composition testing at least once a semester as approved by ECU Sports Medicine.
  13. Dance members will be healthy and physically fit.
  14. Dancers will not smoke in uniform, when traveling with the team, or prior to any event or game.
  15. Dance members will adhere to the rules and procedures of East Carolina University Athletic Department's Media Relations Office in regards to any media involvement.
  16. Any weight parameters, strength parameters, nutrition and/or health related guidelines will be approved and established through the ECU Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Department.
  17. All disciplinary decisions will be the responsibility of the coach in accordance with the dance team policy statement, department and university guidelines.


  1. Disrespect to the coach, University staff, alumni, and/or fellow teammates WILL NOT be tolerated and will result in suspension or dismissal from the team.
  2. Body piercing (belly rings, nose rings, tongue rings, ect.) will not be worn while in uniform or while making University related appearances. Tattoos must be covered and all members must have a natural hair color.
  3. All dancers are considered alternates. For any appearances or game performances, the dances will have to audition in order to perform on the floor. All decisions are to the discretion of the Dance Team Coach.
  4. Attitude, appearances, physical fitness, knowledge and ability, and endurance are important as well and will determine if a dancer performs or participates.
  5. The coach will choose captains/officers for the dance team. Decisions will be based on leadership skills, attitude, seniority, and experience.
  6. If a captain/officer is not fulfilling her position, she will be asked to step down and will be replaced by a selection of the dance team coach.
  7. Duties of the captain/officer will be determined by the dance team coach.


  1. It is the expectation that dance team members' function in a responsible and adult manner at all times. You represent the University at all times.
  2. Communication is essential. It is the expectation that all team members must check and respond to e-mail and phone messages daily. Each member is expected to use the avenue as setup by the coach.
  3. It is the expectation that all members participate in all team activities.
  4. All questions should first be directed to the dance team coach.
  5. It is expected that all team challenges, problems or issues be handled in a responsible manner.
  6. Members are expected to respond in a timely manner to requests from the athletic department regarding appearances.
  7. Decisions regarding travel, dancing at various sports, etc., will be made by the coach.
  8. Decisions will be based on attitude, seniority, contributions to the betterment of the group, performances, team members' preferences and previous challenges with adhering to rules, procedures and expectations.

Dance Team members who not adhere to the above rules, procedures and expectations will experience disciplinary action determined by the Dance Team Coach. Actions will be in cooperation with the athletic department administration as well as the Department and University policies.

*Policy may be changed as necessary.