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ECU Dance Team Tryout Information

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Please continue to check this website for more information or you may contact Kristin W. Jeffries. In the subject line please indicate ECU Dance Team.


Saturday, April 26

  • 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Location: TBD

    • You must Complete and return

  • Dance Team Tryout Information Sheet with signature
  • Tryout History and Physical Form(Signed by a physician within 6 months of the tryout)
  • Sickle Cell Solubility test lab results (Regardless of race, this is a requirement for ALL participants trying out)
  • New Student-Athlete Tryout Form (With Dancer signature only)
  • Fall 2012 Grades (For returning students only) OR a copy of an acceptance letter (For incoming Freshman or Transfer Students)
  • ALL forms must be returned to: Kristin Jeffries, 118 Scales Field House, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC 27858. Forms are due BEFORE 12:00 Noon Friday April 18, 2014.


    What should be worn and brought to tryouts?

    • Dancers should wear tight fitting clothing. Black tight pants or tights are preferred with a sports bra top.
    • Wear appropriate shoes including jazz shoes and sneakers. Do not wear baggy clothes or excessive jewelry.
    • Make sure to bring plenty of water and a few snacks.
    • There will be a break for lunch. Be sure to bring something with you.

      What is expected of an ECU Dance Team Member?
      Being on an athletic team at the collegiate level comes with great privileges as well as a lot of responsibility. Dancers must conduct themselves in a manner that represents the University, the team and themselves as young ladies at all times. All Dance Team members must maintain a minimum 2.00 GPA each semester.

      There is a large time commitment to the dance team. The team will practice three times per week, have strength and conditioning work out sessions, perform at home football games, men's and women's home basketball games, baseball games and will be expected to make several community appearances throughout the year. The time commitment may also be expected on weekends and holidays. (Thanksgiving, Winter/Spring Breaks and Summer).

      Required technical elements include but are not limited to a triple pirouette, a la seconde leap, switch leap, toe touch, basic pom motions and 2 - 8 counts of fouette turns. Four components of tryouts: Technical skills demonstration, performance of routine with jazz and hip hop, spirit demonstration as well as an interview.

      Does the ECU Dance Team Offer Scholarships?
      No, at this time dance team members do not receive any scholarships. However, all four-year members receive a stipend through the marching pirates during the fall semester.

      Does the ECU Dance Team compete?
      Our main priority is to serve as ambassadors for the ECU athletic teams and the University. If our busy schedule permits us to travel to a competition and still fulfill our role with our teams, we will compete. This year the team competed at NDA Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida. The team placed 5th in Division 1A hip hop and 10th in Division 1A dance. The decision to compete will be made each season based on the dance teams' obligations to the pirate athletic teams and the University.

      Can I tryout by video?
      It is our policy not to accept videos prior to tryouts. It is our goal to keep the tryout with an equal advantage for everyone, with that in mind we like to see everyone at tryouts without any preconceived judging.

      Can incoming freshmen tryout in the spring?
      The ECU Dance Team has one tryout a year in the spring (April or May). Incoming students enrolling during the summer or fall must provide proof of acceptance to tryout.

      What can I do to prepare for tryouts?
      The best way to prepare for tryouts is to continue practicing technical skills as well as conditioning. Endurance is important for tryouts as well as during the season. If you are not use to running that would be a good place to start. Also continue stretching to increase or maintain flexibility.

      Do I need a physical from my doctor before tryouts?
      YES! Prior to tryouts you must complete a history form; physical form signed by a doctor as well as provide lab results from a sickle cell test. All forms must be completed prior to tryouts.

      Do I have to get a sickle cell test?
      YES! All participants regardless of race MUST get a sickle cell lab test and MUST provide results PRIOR to the tryout. If participants have received a sickle cell lab test in the past, documentation of those results will be accepted.

      When are practice times and what do they entail?
      The dance team practices three times a week in the afternoon or evening. Practices depend on the season, due to games. Typically the team will practice Monday, Tuesday and Friday during football season and then move to a Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday practice schedule during basketball season. It is recommended that you schedule your classes to be finished by 4:00 pm each day. The team also works with the ECU Athletic Strength and Conditioning Trainers Tuesday and Thursdays from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. All practices and workouts are mandatory. Please note that the Dance Team will participate in Band Camp with the ECU Marching Pirates a week before classes begin.

      How much time does it require to participate with the program?
      Our season begins two weeks prior to classes beginning in August and continues through the end of April. With game days included we spend up to 20 hours per week participating in practices, conditioning, games and appearances. Being on the ECU Dance Team is a huge commitment! It is very rewarding! It is possible to participate with the program and be successful academically. It takes self discipline, organization, and the ability to set priorities.