ECU, Old Dominion Postgame Quotes



Jan. 11, 2014

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East Carolina Head Coach Jeff Lebo
Opening Statement
"This was a tough game for us, especially on the defensive end of the floor. (Keenan) Palmore dominated the game. Their guards got to the painted area. We've tried to mask our inability to defend the ball, but they exposed it tonight at the guard spots. We started with Akeem on Palmore, and he had a tough night trying to defend him in that area. We wanted to try to keep Paris (Roberts-Campbell) on (Aaron) Bacote as much as possible, but their ability to beat us 1-on-1 was the bottom line. They got to the rim area and got into the painted area too easily. We offered no resistance for most of the night. Petar came in off the bench, looked confident and made four 3s. Paris's first half was terrific, but not enough to go with him especially on the defensive end. Again, it was a tough game and we couldn't get enough shots. We missed some shots at a crucial times, and we could never really get the momentum going offensively because of those misses."

On Akeem Richmond's performance
"He's got to find a way to help us as a basketball player. You can't let your offense define you as a player. This game is more than just shooting the ball -- there's rebounding, defense, and leadership. There's a lot of other things that define a good basketball. Typically a young player has a problem with that, not a senior, and he's got to learn that. People are going to be physical with him and not let him get his shots like he usually gets them."

On the defensive performance performance: "It was a frustrating night on the defensive end. It was nothing that they threw at us. When things broke down they set a ball screen and just drove us and took it right to the paint. They had their way with us. You saw it, I saw it, everybody out there saw it. That's just the way it was."

Old Dominion Head Coach Jeff Jones
Opening Statement
"Terrific win for our team. Our guys certainly were emotional for the first Conference USA tilt for us. Our guys were certainly ready to play. The message right before the game was channel that emotion, and I think that by all counts these guys did a great job of that. Paris Roberts-Campbell in the first half kind of thwarted our defensive plan. He was terrific in that first half, but over the course of the game I thought these guys did a terrific job. Keenan made Richmond work. He's such a dynamic player, no one is going to really shut him out. He takes them and can make difficult shots. Keenan was there and that was obviously key."

Senior guard Akeem Richmond
On ODU's offensive success
"They weren't doing anything too tricky; we just didn't have a good game defensively. Guys were just beating us 1-on-1. Ball screens really hurt us. I don't want to make up any excuses, we were just sloppy."

On having a short memory
"We definitely have to have amnesia. We can't get down on ourselves, we can't panic or anything like that. We have to really stay positive and keep working."

Senior Guard Petar Torlak
On playing meaningful minutes
"I just try to help my team when I get in the game. Use my minutes, shoot the ball, do whatever I can. But, defensively I didn't play at a high level tonight."

On ODU's Offensive success
"Like Akeem said, they didn't do anything tricky. We just have to be tougher on the ball, and on ball screens. As the seniors need to step up and do that and show the new guys how it's done."