ECU-UCF Postgame Quotes



Jan. 12, 2013

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  ECU Head Coach Jeff Lebo

Opening Statement
"That was a real exciting game, I think, for the 5,000 fans that came tonight. I'm very proud of our group again. We had the same old stuff: dig a hole and rally from behind. This time we were lucky enough to have enough at the end. We went with a smaller group in the second half, which was more effective offensively for us.

[Keith] Clanton, we decided was pick your poison. Either double him and he throws it out, and they shoot 3s, which they're an excellent 3-point shooting team, or you play him 1-on-1 knowing he's probably going to get 30, and you try to stop the other guys. That's what we decided to do. We put five different guys on him, and he went to work on all of them. That's why he's the preseason player of the year; he's a good player.

We made some key shots coming down the stretch. Shamarr Bowden made some key 3s. At crucial times we stayed together and we stayed in [the game]. I'm really happy for Corvonn Gaines at the end of the game. Nobody deserved to make a shot more than (Corvonn) at the end."

On the comeback...

"We've been in this position a gazillion other times already this year. We've been here before; we know it can happen, we know it can happen quickly. There is a lot of stuff that can happen in 11 and a-half minutes in a basketball game. Wild swings. We had one in Memphis that happened in four minutes. We went 21-0 in four minutes. We chipped away, and made some key plays coming down the stretch and got a couple of stops. We did a better job rebounding in the second half. They crushed us on the glass in the first half. It's kind of odd that we did better with our smaller lineup.

On the final play of the game...
"[Corvonn] was in that left corner and Miguel made a great pass. [Corvonn] is not shooting a high percentage, but sometimes in practice he can make them better than anybody. He stepped in there with some confidence and nailed it. We just went to the spread pick and roll at that point, gave to Miguel and let him try to make a play."

  UCF Head Coach Donnie Jones

On playing with a big lead...
"I told those guys at the timeout it was far from over; there was a lot of time left on the clock. East Carolina has the ability to come back, they've shown that in some games this year already. I knew with the way they shot the basketball it was never over. Unfortunately [Isaiah] Sykes going down for us really hurt us. We needed another guy, late, to handle the ball; a veteran who's been there, to make some plays. I don't want to take any thing away from East Carolina. They deserved a victory tonight, they fought back and did what they needed to do to win a game."

On the physicality of the game...
"When you get into conference play teams are competing. I thought it was a good played game for both teams, both teams competed hard and shots went down for ECU today."

On the tempo of the game...
"I liked the tempo. We've got two guards that hadn't played in these kinds of situations very much, a freshman and a transfer, so this was their first time, and it was a good experience for them. We're the 10th youngest team in the country, and it showed tonight. When you get up 17, you've got to learn to handle a lead, and that's very hard. We did some good things. We got Clanton the ball, which we needed to, down the stretch, which kept us in it. I think learning to handle that is something that's new to our team."

  Senior Guard Corvonn Gaines
If he'd ever hit a game winner before...
"No that's my first one."

On the game-winning shot...
"I knew Miguel (Paul) was going to try to make a good play and he found me in the corner and I just let it go."

  Senior Guard Shamarr Bowden

On his second half shooting...
"Some of the shots I missed, Miguel and me both were saying the same thing, that I'm shooting short. So I said if I can just get up a little bit higher and put a little more arc into it I knew I would make it. In my mind I was thinking I needed to get it up higher and adjusted and did it."

On the changes made during the second half
"It's just the point of getting more aggressive. We came out real aggressive in the first half and then slacked off a little bit. We knew in order to compete in the second half and get back in it, we had to play aggressive defense without fouling, box out our guys and chase some of those loose balls."

On getting another start in the game...
"I'm getting to where I'm becoming comfortable I'm playing more relaxed. Things are flowing, we confide in each other and we're having more and more practices so I'm starting to find my niche. Everything's just coming together."