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Jan. 14, 2012

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East Carolina Head Coach Jeff Lebo
"I thought we battled hard, but again we dug ourselves into a big hole. Tulsa played really well to start. We had some great looks early, but we just couldn't make anything.

"We battled and clawed to do everything to get back into the game and we just weren't able to make some plays. We shot at such a poor percentage. We are not going to be able to do that and beat good teams. We are going to have to shoot the ball at higher than 30 percent. In the second half, we had a couple of big ones that we didn't make or didn't hit. They are a good defensive team."

On East Carolina's Offfense
"I thought offensively we did a lot of good things out there. We just didn't finish off possessions particularly well. Darrius [Morrow] was very effective in the game and very efficient.

"We are not big, so we have got to make some shots out there and make their big guys come out and defend us. We will struggle if we shoot that poorly from the three-point line, less than thirty percent. Fouls were a problem."

"Obviously Miguel [Paul] had foul problems in the first half. I don't think he scored a bucket until the second half. We felt pretty good down six or eight without him scoring a basket in the first half. So that was certainly a big factor. I thought in the game, offensively, we counted on him. He scored points on the foul line, but wasn't himself shooting the ball."

On Tulsa's Defense Against Paul
"Miguel got some looks, but he just didn't make them. At times he had some really good looks on the high ball screens, where we have confidence in him coming to make it. But they have size on him out there, too. They have 6-foot-4, 6-foot-5 guys on the perimeter, and a much different look for him out there defensively. Then when he got inside, they have bigs in there. He missed a couple of open ones and then picked up the fouls that sat him and took him out of the game. He wasn't himself offensively for us."



Tulsa Head Coach Doug Wojcik
"It was a great win for us, as you can imagine, for a lot of different reasons. Any win is a good win. I think Jeff Lebo is a good coach and this is a really hard place to play. The win evens our record, evens us in conference and even us on the road.

"I give our kids a lot of credit. They have been through a tremendous amount. If you would ever go back to all our tapes and our scores and really analyze our team, we have had a chance to win every game we have played. We're sitting here in mid-January at 9-9. They have been incredibly resilient. I'm very proud of them and it's just a very good win for us."

On Tulsa's Hot-Shooting Start And Playing Zone Defense
"Eric McClellan really helps Jordan Clarkson. McClellan gives him the open three in transition so Clarkson knocks some things down and feels good about himself. As a coach, I don't know if I like that [such a big lead] sometimes. I mean, 22-4 is kind of ridiculous.

"Then [Maurice] Kemp makes two three-point shots and he hasn't made one all year. [Corvonn] Gaines makes a three and we go zone one position. This is why I don't play zone for reasons like that. We give up an offensive rebound and Gaines hits a three at the end of the shot clock. That's three threes that they normally don't make."

On Changing The Game Plan
"Erin Straughn started playing well, so it started getting a little dicey. Fortunately for us, we did a great job on Miguel Paul and [Darrius] Morrow, who is a tough to defend with all of the ball screens they set with Paul and roll him to the basket. It's even more difficult when [Maurice] Kemp makes the threes because our game plan going in was to box Morrow and kind of roll him to the basket and slow him down. Kemp making those two three pointers changed everything."

ECU Senior Darrius Morrow
"Tulsa came out on fire. (Jordan) Clarkson hit a couple shots, and he really got it going early. Our defense wasn't tight enough early in the game. As the contest progressed, we began playing defense and got ourselves back in it."

On ECU's Game Plan For Today
"We had the same game plan as always. Look to the low post and if we didn't have it, try to hit shots from the outside. We made no changes to the game plan."

On Playing With His Back To The Basket
"I always feel like I'm old school at heart. I like playing with my back to the basket, using a lot of dribbles, and trying to be crafty around the rim. I tried to negate some of the size of Tulsa."

ECU Junior Maurice Kemp
"We felt like we could have had this one. We had a chance, but we let it slip away. We made a good comeback, but we could not close it out."