ECU, Tulsa Postgame Quotes



Feb. 13, 2014

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East Carolina Head Coach Jeff Lebo
On Tulsa pulling away at the end
"It just hurt on the glass. We got again smashed 15 offensive rebounds. We can't drop the ball and they get it and lay it in or make a three. Those back-breaking types of plays in close games, you're right there late in the game. We had three wide open threes going into that stretch at the seven-minute mark, Paris missed a wide open three, that's the best one. We changed some D's and we had a couple of good looks that didn't go down. They had a scoring drive from about the eight-minute mark and on for the rest of the game. We battled hard defensively, but give them credit, they put it up on the glass and they took advantage of us on the glass and it's just frustrating."

On the rebounding margin and points in the paint
"Points is the same for us, points in the paint, second chance points, there were 19 and we can't get them and they get them. We got them to shoot it poorly from the outside, 6-for-22. We just could not react to balls. They're strong inside with Wright and (Rashad) Smith has missed six games and he's their best athlete and I thought he was pretty active on the glass. (James) Woodard made some key shots in some key moments for them, some tough shots. He was really efficient tonight. I thought Woodard with 21 points and seven rebounds in 36 minutes and didn't have the turnovers, that's pretty good stat line."

On Paris Roberts-Campbell
"He got some buckets to go down and he saw the ball go in the basket. He shot 6-for-13 from the field and gave us 17 points in 40 minutes. He's beat up, he's knocked around and he's playing inside - floaters and jumpers - hurt a little bit at the end of the game. His toughness is something to be marveled at. I'm proud of him coming out after some tough games and really being aggressive offensively having that look in his eye."



On Tulsa's length guarding the perimeter
"They make you work so hard. We had a hard time scoring from multiple spots. We don't score inside at all. It's been very difficult on our perimeter guys to switch a lot, pressure on you and it's difficult, so much is open inside, we just don't have an inside presence right now. I think that really hurts us because it puts a lot of heat on our perimeter guys to be able to make the very first shot because you're probably only going to get one. We got nine offensive rebounds tonight, that's pretty good for us, but that's where we get hurt. A lack of size hurts and effects you on both ends."

Tulsa Head Coach Danny Manning
Opening Statement
"I thought our guys did a very good job of continuing to grind out a win. It took us a while to figure out that zone and how to attack the zone and where to get the ball to. Once we figured that out, we had pretty good ball movement. Guys had some pretty good shots and made some pretty big plays for us. We did a good job of coming out and guarding ECU for stretches. We need to put together longer sequences with better defense. All in all, I thought it was a very good "grind it out" win for us."

On Tulsa's adjustments in the last twelve minutes of the game
"We just wanted to come down and get a good shot off offensively. Defensively, we were doing different things to try and keep them off kilter. I thought our guys were very active. We went to a stretch where we were switching on every play. We don't do that very often, but they had small perimeter players out there, and we thought that was the best way to disrupt their rhythm a little bit. We did give up too many straight lane drives tonight. I will say that without watching the tape. Too many times, guys were just blowing right past us."

On how to stop, or at least guard, Akeem Richmond
"Make it hard for him to catch. Contest every shot. You can change your defensive philosophies a little bit. Sometimes it is just better to face guard him. Just face guard him. Instead of playing him the normal way, when he comes off the screens, face guard him or make him run with the ball. I'm not saying that you're going to stop him, but it forces him to take another look. He is averaging 11 three-point shots a game. You're not going to stop him from shooting the ball. He got 12 off tonight, and we spent a lot time and put a lot of attention on him tonight. He is that good of a player. You just want to try and make him work, especially on the defensive end."