ECU, Charlotte Postgame Quotes



Feb. 27, 2014

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East Carolina Head Coach Jeff Lebo
On what has Akeem has brought to the program
"His ability to shoot with range and get it off. I wouldn't say he has pure shot by any stretch. His mechanics are different to where he can get that thing off. He kind of leans back a little bit, but he's strong with his upper body and he can shoot it with such range. We've all become accustom to watching him shoot one from 27-feet and were not even surprised anymore. I still get mad at him because on the other end, you just don't know what he's going to do. He frustrates me a little bit there, but we've been riding him. He's had a terrific two years for us and really a special senior season."

On the difference Antonio Robinson made tonight
"He made some foul shots. He made a terrific finish at the rim with his left hand late in the game over some size in Thorn. He was really active in getting rebounds; he chased a few down at the end of the game. I'm really proud of Antonio."

On getting to the free throw line and keeping them off it
"We're one of the top teams in the league shooting from the foul line, so its big for us to get there. Our zone kept them off the line and I think we had activity in it early. We got a lot of deflections and we got a lot of steals. We were very active with our hands early in the game, and just had a terrific start."

On playing well late in the season
"It's so hard for us to win a game; we just don't have those kinds of weapons like we had before. I think we are playing our best basketball. I don't think there is any doubt about that. We've won three in a row here. We missed an open three against North Texas to get that win. We're playing with much more confidence and that's really important I think coming down the stretch."

On his team's toughness
"I told them at the 10-minute mark in the huddle that the tougher team was going to win this game. The team that is going to be tough enough on the defensive end is going to win and smart enough on the offensive end is going to win. I think we did some of those things down the stretch that let us win the game. On Akeem's 3 we had a terrific screen which just melted Henry, who's a terrific defender, on the baseline to get him wide open. You don't see screens on the stat sheet. Those are winning types of plays that don't show up on these stat sheets that help you win. We've been doing a little bit more of those things."

Charlotte Head Coach Alan Major
Opening statement
"Congratulations to Coach Lebo and his seniors for finishing their home season with a victory. I thought those guys shot the ball extremely well, especially to start the game. Obviously on the defensive end that is not an example of what we want to be. They came out with tremendous confidence and got going early. And then I felt like we were within good striking distance going into halftime. A lot of credit goes to Richmond; I thought the shot he hit when it was 61-60 gave them the boost they needed to finish the game out."

On guarding Akeem Richmond
"You just try to be there on the catch as best you can and not let him get it off. The tough thing about him is that he shoots the ones you don't think he's going to shoot. Greenville city limits is his shooting range. He's what you would call a specialist to the highest degree."

On the resolve of his team
"I like the fact that the guys never drooped their heads in a huddle. There's a lot of encouragement in the huddle. The two words I kept hearing a lot were 'keep playing.' You keep playing. They're off to a hot start but we kept defending, got a couple of buckets and just chipped away. I think the guys understand it's a long game and it was great to scrap back and tie it. The last few games we've shown some flashes and the point we made to them afterwards is that to break through is just taking everything we do to another level. You eliminate maybe a funny bounce of the ball, you eliminate a call that turns out to be a non-call. All those things, just by taking our play up a notch, we can eliminate."

Senior Guard Akeem Richmond
On how he envisioned his senior night
"It really couldn't have gone any better than how it went. I'm just so blessed to have such a great opportunity to play for East Carolina University. I want to say thank you to all the fans and everyone who has supported us throughout the season. Even though we haven't been doing as well as we should, the fans really show up each and every game and they show love. We really appreciate that."

On keeping his emotions of playing his final home game in check
"I tried not to think about it. I just had to block all of that out, and treat it like a regular game. If I would've gone out there thinking about it, I feel like I wouldn't have played as well as I did. I'm feeling it right now. Especially when I walked off the court."

On having the green light tonight
"I don't think my light can get any greener than what it is. They let me shoot when I get ready."