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March 19, 2013

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  ECU Head Coach Jeff Lebo

Opening Statement
"Well I don't really know how we won that game to be honest with you. It was amazing to win a game where we were really dead in the water for most of the game, but the kids continued to battle. We were awful I thought for 30 minutes. A lot of it had to do with Savannah State; there is a reason why their numbers defensively are top 10 in the country in a lot of categories. It was frustrating to watch for 30 minutes: we dropped balls, missed layups, missed foul shots, we did it all. They played well, but thank God it was a 40-minute game and not a 30-minute game. We ended up going small, pressing up a little bit and finally the ball started going in the basket for us.

"I told the guys in the locker room after the game to look around at their teammates because this is the only Division I East Carolina team that's won a postseason game in 50 years. That's quite an accomplishment. It's hard to get to postseason; obviously it's been hard here. And to win a game is really hard. This team is able to say it's the first to do that. I'm really proud of the group.

On what the win means to him...
"I wanted it so bad for the program, I wanted it so bad for the people here, I wanted it bad for our seniors and our players, I wanted it for a lot of different reasons. It's gratifying for me, but the gratification comes from seeing other people having some success and that's the best feeling that you can have as a coach and hopefully we can have some more on Saturday."

On how this game ranks on the list of accomplishments since being at ECU...
"It's huge just to get here, to get to postseason. You play against somebody good, everybody's good now. It's hard to win and it's hard to win here to be honest with you. There's not a lot of tradition here, which makes it even more difficult and to do it in the postseason is really gratifying for everybody. I thought that we showed some maturity in that we didn't really panic when we could have; we could have lost that game by 20 points easily. But we were under control for the most part and that's a sign of an experienced group and to win it, I'm really happy for those guys, particularly our seniors."

  Savannah State Head Coach Horace Broadnax

Opening Statement...
"Obviously East Carolina didn't play well, but they played well when they needed to. They knocked down shots down the stretch and we acted like we didn't know what the stopping point down the stretch was. As far as [Maurice] Kemp driving strong right and [Akeem]Richmond knocking down shots, we lost those guys; but at the same time we just didn't make plays at the end. We got to the free throw line and if I'm not mistaken we missed four or five free throws down the stretch, so at the end of the day East Carolina did what they needed to do. This game is a 40-minute game, they didn't play well at the beginning, they didn't play well at the open of the second half, but they played well when they maximized their highs and minimized their lows and were able to stay close. The correct people shot the ball when they needed to shoot and we just didn't make enough plays down the stretch."

On stings of a season-ending loss...
"At the end of the day a loss is a loss. Pat your guys on the back and tell them they worked hard to put themselves in a position to win this game. It was a fun game for the crowd. They were excited and at one point it almost seemed like we were at Florida or Ohio State as far as the crowd getting deafening. A loss hurts regardless. We did enough to put ourselves in a position to win, but we just didn't close the deal."