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Nov. 11, 2011

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Post-Game Interviews

East Carolina Head Coach Jeff Lebo
Opening Statement
"It's nice to get that first win under our belts. Again I didn't really know what to expect because we had so many new guys and a lot of them that didn't play Division I Basketball last year. We had scrimmages, but not an exhibition game. I thought we did a nice job especially defensively for the majority of the game. " "We stuck to our principles pretty well. Our depth was a factor, which I hope it can be through the course of the year. I don't think we have really five starters, but we have ten or eleven starters out there on the floor.

"Nice to see Miguel Paul come out with a nice start to his career here. I thought he was very solid and very efficient. That was good to see.

"I saw some guys make some shots. It was nice to see Shamarr Bowden shoot the ball. I think he was struggling in the preseason, but it was nice to see him make some shots; he's really worked on his game. Paris Roberts-Campbell has the ability to make some shots out there stretching the defense. They packed it in and there was a lot of doubling when it got into the post against Darrius. We have to make them pay and we did that by shooting the ball well and moving it well. We were very unselfish tonight."

Thoughts on the new players
"We will watch the film and see if they brought energy. I talked to a lot of them and I said when you haven't played you're going to be nervous and your mind goes through a lot of different things and I tried to explain to focus on how the team's doing. If the team is doing well you're probably going to do pretty well so don't worry about how you're doing. Worry about the team and lose yourself in the game defensively. Don't worry so much about what happens offensively and I thought we did a nice job of that."

On surprise performances
"I just think it was nice to see Shamarr Bowden make shots tonight because he has been struggling in practice shooting the basketball. Paris shot the ball very well as a new guy. Miguel was very efficient coming off a scrimmage in High Point where he was bad. So we watched a lot of film there. Obviously the competition is going to get a lot harder and it's going to be a lot harder when we go to Campbell on Monday. We will find out a little bit on how it's going to be playing on the road. I did like that fact that we did scrimmage on the road. It's not the same when the fans aren't there, but it is a different environment and hopefully that will help us when we go down there on Monday."

Junior Miguel Paul
"We have been preaching all year about defense. Defense is doing great; we know we are going to score. We have a lot of scorers and we work hard. I wanted a place where I could show my full talent and what I can give. I told Coach Lebo if he had faith in me I would get the job done for him. It was a good win but the pages turn and we are on to Campbell."

"Execution is what [Lebo] said every four minutes and every media timeout. He doesn't like to see us getting complacent and wants to see us keep improving. Don't ever look at the score because he will take you out in a heartbeat. He just kept telling us to push and win every four minutes and that's what we tried to do."

Senior Austin Steed
"I feel good about [my performance]. I'm glad we got the win; the team came out very aggressive on defense, which is a plus. Its just time to change the page now. We have two tough days of preparation ahead for Campbell. I'm just ready to get to the next one."

"Just being out there is a great feeling. I'm glad the team got the win tonight. It's just that feeling of getting the jitters out. Getting the first bucket and just getting it rolling again; It felt good about being out there again."