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Nov. 13, 2012

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East Carolina Head Coach Jeff Lebo
Opening Statement
"Its hard to look good offensively when you shoot so poorly from the perimeter, but luckily we did get some offensive rebounds in the game. It seems like the only ones that went in were the ones we dunked. I thought (Maurice) Kemp and (Robert) Sampson did a nice job on the offensive glass on those missed shots."

We still managed to play pretty good defense, forcing them into early quick shots. We need to play better offensively in the next one. It's hard too, not having Miguel Paul out there. It makes us look a little confused at times, so hopefully we can get him back and run a little more smoothly."

On the team's dominating performance inside
"Offensive rebounds are part of it. Using our size advantage when we get new shots around the rim. We did much better in the second half than we did in the first on the inside. We did well on drives and got it in the paint a few times. "

On shooting the basketball
`'We want our good shooters to be confident when they are open, because the worst thing to happen out there is to lose your confidence. If you have a night where you aren't making shots, sometimes you have to focus on driving it to get to the foul line or to get the ball inside to someone else. Different games are better for different players, and we had an advantage this game on the inside, so we sacrificed some of the perimeter shots. We had many opportunities where they were open, but we just shot very poorly tonight. Many [shots] weren't even close, and that concerns me."

On individual performances
"I thought they all played hard. It wasn't (Marshall) Guilmette's best night, but he gave us good rebounding and scoring in his 20 minutes. I think (Shamarr) Bowden shot poorly, but he played well with nine assists and one turnover. He continues to improve and make the right plays with the ball. Once he begins to shoot well, I think we can count on him to shoot consistently on the perimeter. Paris (Roberts-Campbell) has been shooting the ball well in practice, but performed poorly on the court tonight."



Senior Forward Maurice Kemp
On taking on the leading role in scoring
"It's always my goal to help the team out in any way I can so if it's scoring on one night that's what I do. If it's rebounding on another night, that's what I do to try and help the team in any way."

On the rhythm of the team's offense when shots are missed
"I don't think it throws off our rhythm. I think we have a tendency of coming off of a slow start because we had that pattern last season. We really need to correct that because against the better teams, once you get down it's hard to get back in it."

Junior Forward Robert Sampson
Interview On shooting behind the arc
"It was a rough shooting night for us. Coach Lebo got on us about that and we all have to get extra shots up we've got to correct that."

On assist numbers and team mentality
"We're not looking for our own shots; we're looking for team shots. That's what we've been practicing as the days go by, the team and focus on the team instead of ourselves."