Postgame Quotes



Dec. 5, 2009

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Head Coach Mack McCarthy
On Tonight's Game
"I was really disappointed with our energy and enthusiasm levels as well as our effort and execution.

"Guys make up their minds about an opponent an awful lot. They'll decide how hard they have to play against a certain team. Sometimes when they realize they were wrong, it's hard to change gears. I thought we tried to change gears, specifically Brock [Young], Jontae [Sherrod] and Jamar [Abrams].

"I didn't think we had an awful lot of enthusiasm and I certainly didn't think we executed very well. They really out-hustled us.

"A lack of enthusiasm is not something that has been a problem. We've had a problem picking up our energy after we've gotten behind a couple times. Coming out not ready to play has not been an issue until tonight."

On Getting Points In The Paint
"It was the same plan and same plays that we had against UNC Greensboro, when we won by 21 points. We scored 48 points in the paint that game. Tonight we scored 30 points in the paint. It's really hard to explain that to be honest. It has a lot to do with the attitude we brought to the game tonight."

Junior Brock Young
On The Close Victory
"We didn't prepare like we're supposed to in warm-ups. Everybody was lackadaisical. I guess everybody underestimated them.

"Part of that is my fault. I'm a team leader and I have to get everybody ready to play. I came out kind of lackadaisical myself."

On What To Accomplish Over The Long Break
"Coach Mack and I talked about changing up the offense a little bit. We might make it a little simpler to make sure guys are getting to the right spots and taking good shots."

Junior Jamar Abrams
On The Team's Warm-Ups
"I think people were too laid back. You have to take every game like we're playing a big team. Coker came out and played hard. They had a chance to win that game. That's inexcusable and it can't happen again."



On His Increased Offense
"It has been being smart about my shot selection and knowing when to shoot and when not to. Brock is doing a great job finding me when I'm open. I'm just in a rhythm right now and knocking down shots."