East Carolina, St. Andrews Postgame Quotes



Dec. 4, 2012

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  ECU Head Coach Jeff Lebo

Opening Statement...
""It was nice to see the three-ball go down and it went down a lot tonight. Hopefully that'll help our confidence a little bit shooting the ball. We were coming in last in Conference USA in 3-point shooting, 26 percent. We knew that we were better shooters than we had shown. Everything went down tonight so hopefully we didn't use all our bullets tonight, but it's nice to see them go down. I thought we moved the ball well; we got the open guy his shots. We had a lot of open shots, but still you have to put the ball in the basket. You have to make the shot and we did that tonight for the most part the whole game. "

On getting the opportunity to play everybody...
"We've got a chance to play a lot of people and that was nice. Our starters got us a nice cushion where we were able to play a lot of people. Other kids haven't gotten a chance to play. They work hard in practice, they want to do well and they want to try to earn some time and having them get the chance to go out and play significant minutes was nice to see."

On finding a core group of players...
""We think we've probably got nine to 10 guys that we're going to be able to use. It'll depend on the opponent a little bit and the style that they play. If they're playing smaller it's a little harder to play the two bigs together, if they're playing bigger we can play those two bigger guys together at the four, five spot. We think we've got that core right now. We've still got to develop something inside consistently. We lost a really good player in there and we don't have a guy like Darrius (Morrow) right now. We're doing it by committee. Committee can do as well collectively as one too. Our young, inexperienced guys just have to continue to get better and work hard every single day which they've been doing."

  Senior Guard Shamarr Bowden

On gaining confidence from his performance
"I never really lost it this year, I haven't really got a rhythm going. I've been 0-for-2 here, 1-for-4 there, but hadn't really got a rhythm going yet. I think this will help me going into games, and will give me a push. I think really all I needed was a game like this."

On the team's hooting performance
"We got a lot of shots up early today, and I think that helped too. Everyone was making shots and our confidence was there. Everybody made the extra pass. We had good ball movement and everybody got touches. Usually when that happens you get shots and you make shots. It's good to see all our perimeter guys stepping out and making shots. That's key for us, because that will open up things for the inside of the rim."

  Junior Guard Akeem Richmond

On the team's shooting performance
"I feel like we shot the ball pretty good, handled it well in the zone, got some open looks and knocked it down.

"I feel like it builds our confidence. We haven't really been shooting the ball all that well, but we're capable of doing that and we proved that tonight. Hopefully it carries on during the season in the other games."

"We watched the film on St. Andrews and saw they play a lot of zone. Coach Lebo told us to go out there and shoot the ball with confidence, and that's what we did."