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Dec. 6, 2011

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East Carolina Head Coach Jeff Lebo
"Well it was kind of a tail of two halves that game and we've had plenty of opportunities. I was proud of the way our kids responded and came back after really getting punched in the face pretty hard in the first half. At least we got off the deck in the second half and began to play a little bit. Their size, their athleticism, their speed stunned us. We talked about it in the game, but it's a little different talking about it and watching it and going through it.

"Offensively we just struggled. We find different ways to struggle and tonight was shooting from the foul line. We went 9-of-23 and with your best one going 0-for-5 from the foul line. That's 39-percent. We had 14 more shots then they did and we shoot almost the same amount of foul shots. Tell me how we lose. We played even on the boards with them. It's just frustrating when you can't put the ball in the basket. We shot just horrendous from the line and poor from the 3-point line. Give them credit; they're long and athletic."

On finishing the game
"We had plenty opportunities in this game, but just couldn't finish it out. We are not disciplined and experienced enough yet in close games to make the right plays to win close games. That's a problem right now and its not everybody. It's just this guy on this play and somebody else on another play, it's going for a steal when your not suppose too, it's missing a checkout here. It's just a culmination of a lot of things in close games that end up killing you and the ones we've lost have all been close games; plus or minus four or five points with a couple minutes to go and we haven't been able to make the plays or the shots to win those games."

UMass Head Coach Derek Kellogg
"I've coached here for many years. I was an assistant at George Masson, then I was at Memphis, and now I'm here and I have always respected East Carolina, their crowd, the environment and we have never come here and really blown anybody away or felt like it was going to be an easy win. I was really at halftime saying man this is going to be a nail biter I already know because I've seen these guys on tape. Last game they did the same thing they did to us, but they just did it earlier against us and didn't wait so long."

Senior forward Darrius Morrow
On his performance tonight
"I just came out and tried to play harder than I did Saturday against Charlotte. That wasn't the best of my games but probably not the worst. I just tried to come out and play hard tonight. I still feel like I'm missing something, I just can't find it right now, but I'll find it. I've been playing this game a long time and it's going to come. I just have to be patient. I feel like we played hard and fought hard to get back in that game. It was a heck of an effort."

On what Coach Lebo said at halftime
"He didn't really have to tell us anything. You look up at the scoreboard and that tells you a lot. Nobody in that locker room was a happy camper. There was nothing said, everybody knew what we had to do. We were turning the ball over in the first half at a high rate. We came out in the second half, which is a positive from this game (second half effort). We stepped up defensively and showed a lot of heart which is always good."

On the overall team mood after a three game losing streak
"Anytime you lose three in a row it's demoralizing, but you have to stay with it. You don't win championships in December. We have a long season so we are going to keep fighting, keep playing. Everybody is upset about the loss, but we are going to come back to practice tomorrow and get better."

On handling the UMass full-court press
"We had prepared the whole week for it. We felt comfortable about it, but it's a tough press. They pressed the whole game; you have to give them credit. They are a great defensive team, who gets you late into the shot clock with that press. We were well prepared for it, but we had some turnovers in the first half which we cut down on in the second half, and that is how we made that big run."

On applying the press against UMASS
"It wasn't planned, but it was desperation. We had to find a way to get back in the game, and I feel like our press worked a lot. We just dug deep and didn't want to go out like that. We wanted to fight hard and win that ball game, but unfortunately we just came up short."

Junior Maurice Kemp
On the mood of the team at halftime
"We just knew we had to pick it up, we knew we had to come out with intensity to get back in the game. That is what we were focused on."

On his performance tonight
"I just went out there and played as hard as I could. Tried not to think about the offensive sets, I just went out there and played as hard as I could."