Have You Met Petar Torlak?

Petar Torlak

Nov. 2, 2013

I WAS RAISED in Belgrade, Serbia. It was a lot of fun growing up there. Basketball is a big part of our culture in Serbia. My dad was a player back in the day. so I grew up in a basketball environment. 

I STARTED PLAYING BASKETBALL when I was eight years old. I was in primary school at that time, going back and forth between playing basketball and soccer because soccer is one of the bigger sports in Europe. I finally chose to concentrate on playing basketball.

MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY IS Christmas, even though it's not celebrated as the same date in the U.S. Serbian Christmas is January 7. I really enjoy spending time with my family in that holiday environment.

NOBODY KNOWS the struggles I've been through in my career. There were a lot of things that happened before I made the national team and came to ECU.

TO BE AN ECU PIRATE is the best feeling ever. I've played in many places in Europe and many places in the U.S., but I can say with certainty we have the best fans out there.

IF I WASN'T PLAYING BASKETBALL I'D either be playing soccer or doing some big things on Wall Street.

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I loved playing basketball in the back yard with my brother. Even though he was older, I beat him all the time.

MY FAMILY is the most important thing in my life. Being separated from them for four years and being on my own here in the U.S. has been hard, but Skyping all the time with them helped me get through it.

COACH LEBO AND THE STAFF HAVE TAUGHT ME everything basically. The first time I came here I was clueless and they helped me adjust to a new culture and a new way of playing basketball because basketball here and in Europe is much different. They also helped me adjust in the classroom and make friends over here.



AFTER COLLEGE I plan to pursue my basketball career back in Europe. Then afterwards, I'll probably come back to the U.S. to get my master's degree.

THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN MY LIFE has been my family. My mom and dad have taught me everything I know and are responsible for who I am today. I love them to death and can't wait for them to be here for the first game.

THE ONE THING EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ECU BASKETBALL that it's a lot harder than you think it is.

WHEN I'M NOT PLAYING BASKETBALL I like traveling and hanging out with friends.

WE"LL BE SUCCESSFUL THIS SEASON if we all come together as a group, work hard every day and play defense at a high level.