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Marshall Guilmette

Nov. 5, 2013

I WAS RAISED IN Kennesaw, Ga. I had a lot of really good friends I grew up with. I had a great high school experience with all my friends. It was a lot of fun.

I STARTED PLAYING BASKETBALL WHEN I was three or four years old. I started playing in a local YMCA league and I played rec ball for a long time. I started really getting serious about it in middle school and went from there.

PLAYING BASKETBALL AS A KID I used to go over to my next-door neighbor's house every day after school and pretend I was playing against the Dream Team versus Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

MY FAMILY is awesome. I'm really close to my family. My sister is going to be a stud basketball player; my parents are both awesome. We're a really tight knit family.

WHEN I FIRST MET COACH LEBO I was at an elite camp and he was really welcoming. I had a great experience when I first came up here. He came down for an in-home visit when I committed and that was awesome.

I DECIDED TO COME TO ECU BECAUSE I really liked the guys on the team when I came on my visit. I had a great time on my visit. Coach Potosnak started recruiting me as a sophomore and I really liked him. I liked the high level of competition that the conference offered and I liked the school as a whole.

THE ONE THING THAT I LEARNED AS FRESHMAN THAT IS GOING TO HELP ME AS A SOPHOMORE WAS that the speed and the physicality of the game are lot different than high school. Being able to get some playing time last year helped me adjust to that. I think that's going to help me be more comfortable on the floor this year.

WINNING THE CIT was really exciting. We put a lot of work in. The season is a grind and we worked really hard. We got hot at the right time and started playing well at the end. It was an awesome experience.



THE BIGGEST PART OF MY GAME I WORKED ON OVER THE SUMMER was building my strength. That was something that really hurt me last year. I put on weight before I came, but I needed to keep increasing my strength. It's a whole other level in college. I also worked on my perimeter shot. I think that's something I need to keep working on to help open up the offense this year.

I'LL NEVER FORGET my first college game. I played pretty well and my parents were here to see. It was a really exciting experience to get to fulfill my dream of playing college basketball.

PLAYING IN MINGES is awesome. When it's filled out, it's really loud and a great experience. The fans, especially the students, are really into the game. I love playing in that environment. The fans really get me going.

THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN MY LIFE has been my mom. She and I are pretty close. My dad has been very influential as well, but my mom across the board has taught me a lot of life lessons.

THE EAST CAROLINA CAMPUS has got a lot of beautiful parts to it. I like how my classes are close together. I like being on campus around the students, seeing the spirit of the school. It's very cool being on campus.

THE ONE THING EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ECU BASKETBALL is that we're very excited about the season. Last year we did something that East Carolina had never done and we want to keep building on that. They should know that we're working really hard to get better everyday.

IT'LL BE A SUCCESSFUL SEASON if we could make postseason play again. Making the NCAA Tournament would be awesome; winning a game would be even better. The main goal for all college players is to be a part of March Madness, but any making any tournament would be great. It's not an easy thing to do.