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Antonio Robinson

Nov. 6, 2013

I WAS RAISED IN Winston-Salem. We didn’t have a lot of stuff growing up, but my parents always told me to work with what I had. I began to understand at an early age what it meant to be strong and keep moving forward.

I STARTED PLAYING BASKETBALL when I was three. My dad put me in front of a real goal instead of a Fisher-Price goal. I started shooting at it every time I woke up in the morning and it was so hard because I couldn’t make it, but I just kept trying and trying. When I turned four I finally made it.

MY FAMILY means the world to me. Everyday when I wake up I call them just to make sure everything is okay.

PLAYING BASKETBALL AS A KID was hard because I was the littlest guy on the team, but I was one of the smarter kids. Even though some of the other kids were bigger than me, I knew I could outsmart them.

I DECIDED TO COME TO ECU BECAUSE of a lot of things. It’s a great community, the coaches are terrific and I really liked the guys on the team.

MY FIRST SEMESTER ON CAMPUS HAS BEEN tough. It was an adjustment getting up for classes, lifting weights and practicing everyday at first, but as the semester went on I got used to it.

MY MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN MY LIFE IS my dad. He always pushed me, even when I got down on myself. He always told me that if I don’t get right the first time to just keep working at it. He’s been there since day one encouraging me.

THE BEST PART OF MY GAME IS passing. In high school I was always a scorer, but my freshman year at Louisburg [College] I started to pass the ball more. Being a 6-foot-4 point guard, I can see over everybody before I get to half court. I like to get my teammates involved.



BEING AN ECU PIRATE means a lot. I worked really hard to get here and although I took some different routes to get here, I’m happy to be here. I’ve got two years to be here and I’m going to do my best help the team out and get my education.

NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW THIS ABOUT ME BUT I’m afraid of snakes. I don’t mess with snakes. Fake ones or real ones, I don’t do snakes. If someone wanted to prank me, then all they’d have to do is something with snakes and they’d get me.

IT WILL BE A SUCCESSFUL SEASON as long as we are winning games. I’d love to make it to the [NCAA] tournament.