Quoting East Carolina Head Coach Skip Holtz



Sept. 17, 2005

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On Wake Forest:
"Start by complimenting Wake Forest and the job that they did tonight. Coach Grobe did a great job of preparing his team. I thought they played extremely physical. I was really impressed with the way they came off the ball. I think the bottom line is they won the battles up front. They won the battles on their offensive line and was able to control the line of scrimmage. I think they have a couple of excellent backs. They do a great job of running their zone scheme. They were awfully good on offense."

On the game:
"We were hoping to get a break and create a turnover, get back in the ball game. We got things going and got it to seven. They came back down and answered and made it 14. It was like every time we started getting close, we couldn't get it. I don't know what all the stats say on our third down conversions, but I can't imagine we were very good. We were 3-for-15, which is not very good at all. It was like feast or famine. Once we got it rolling and get a first down play we could get it going. I thought (Wake Forest defensive coordinator) Dean Hood did a great job mixing up his coverages and some of the things he was doing. I am very proud of our football team for the way they fought and hung in there."

On coming out after halftime:
"We were going to try and create a turnover in the third quarter. The defense was going to set up a score. Our goal was to score two touchdowns in the third quarter and two touchdowns in the fourth. When (Aundra) Allison went the distance that was with three seconds left in the third quarter. We had 14 points and we were right on track. It seemed like every time we started going, we couldn't get a stop. When you are trying to comeback it takes both sides. It's hard to win when you give up (407) yards rushing. It takes the defense to stop them and make three-and-outs, and the offense has to make big plays."

Quoting East Carolina running back Chris Johnson



On the game: "We did not have a good start in the first half. Coach told us to keep fighting. We fought hard, but we just didn't win in the end. I think they were not really faster than Duke, it was just sometimes poor execution, and sometimes we did a good job. We let them score too much in the first half. There is nothing encouraging about this game."

Quoting East Carolina wide receiver Aundrae Allison

On the game: "It's a big confidence booster. Hopefully we can learn from this offensively and defensively and build. Coach Holtz is a great coach, he has prepared us. He gives us game situations each week. He helps us believe in ourselves and we believe in the staff. We went in the lockerroom at halftime and kept our heads up. We knew we could still fight back and make this a game."

Quoting East Carolina quarterback James Pickney

On the game: "I played alright. I could have played a lot better. I made a lot of mistakes as a quarterback, and there are things I have to get corrected. We will take away the positives, coming back is a positive. We have to correct our mistakes and stop making so many. As a team effort, we played well, but the mistakes killed us. Skip has put life in us. Everybody expects us to win, and we expect to win ourselves every game we go into. This is only going to make us stronger down the road."