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December 20, 2007


Aloha! What a busy past two days we have had. They have been jammed packed full of activities and events. Last night we had our team photo made on one of the luscious lawns overlooking the beach. It should make for a great photo with our lei's and Hawaiian shirts instead of the usual jersey shots. We then headed to a joint luau with a buffet loaded with local delights. What a spread, Teriyaki Steak, Fried Mahi Mahi Filets, shrimp and lobster salad and many other great dishes. That is where the lineman in me came out as I probably gained 10 pounds from that amazing meal. Our dinner entertainment was a group that performed many of the Polynesian island dances, including the hula of course, and closed with an amazing fire dancer. It was a great show.

This morning we got up, had breakfast and quickly headed to practice. Practice was a very mentally focused one as we cut back on contact quite a bit and stressed assignment and techniques. Upon the close of practice we had a luncheon sponsored by Macy's and had a bit of free time to shop afterwards.

We then got on the buses and drove a ways to Hawaiian Adventures. This water park had everything you could imagine and more. The wave pool was a big hit with everyone but the "Shaka" stole the show. The Shaka was a ride that was essentially a half-pipe for a two person tube, and by far the most exhilarating ride they had. You drop in and your stomach flies through your throat and then is jolted back down and back and forth as you eventually slow down. What a rush! I do believe J.R. Kraemer and I both touched the top of the other side, a feat accomplished by no one else, truly mastering the art of tube skating, ha-ha.

Well were headed off to another event, can't wait ‘til Sunday.

Go Pirates!
- Josh