Coffman Diary

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December 21, 2007


Last night we had a great dinner on the lawn of our hotel, once again Boise State was there. It was a BBQ that was rushed due to some rain. We had a buffet style dinner with all of the American fixing's like chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad and more. Each of our meals has been absolutely fabulous and the backdrops are all incredible.

Today we got up early and headed to meetings as we got caught in traffic last night and had to adjust them to today. After they were finished we headed over to Aloha Stadium for practice. Today was another tough mental day as we are allowing our bodies to recover before the game Sunday. Today was very hot so guys have been going through a lot of Gatorade.

After practice some of the guys headed to the big flea market the locals have surrounding the stadium and got some great souvenirs for low prices. We've got some free time now, so I'm going to hit up the ocean. Believe it or not it will be my first time since we arrived; I might even hop on a surf board.

Go Pirates!
- Josh