Hawai'i Bowl Blog

Josh Coffman

Dec. 18, 2007

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Wow, what a flight! 12+ hours and finally we arrive in beautiful Honolulu, Hawai'i. There was a brief pit stop in Oakland to refuel but we were stuck on the plane the entire time, and let me tell you I truly started to become one with my seat as it was swallowing me whole by the end. As much cabin fever as we all had on that flight, it quickly turned to excitement and anxiousness as we realized how close we were and made our final descent. After a short delay to start the day off, we are a bit behind upon arrival and actually get in about 9:45 p.m. (EST).

After we got off the plane, we headed to Aloha Stadium for a quick flex and run, to get our legs back that were badly mistreated on the flight over. This was great as we got to see the historic playing field as well as get accustomed to our new locker room for the week. That is pretty much it for today, me and a few other guys are heading to the hot tub to help get our legs and the rest of our bodies happy with us again after that long plane flight.

Go Pirates!
- Josh