Meet the Pirates: Dana Jones

UABSPORTS.COM Sophomore forward Dana Jones
Sophomore forward Dana Jones

Oct. 21, 2012


About Dana

Full Name:
Dana Rochelle Jones
Nickname: DJ
Parents’ Names:
Allena Jones
Date of Birth: March 29, 1993


Serena Williams and Kobe Bryant
Sports Team (besides ECU): Los Angeles Lakers
Movie: Friday
Food: BBQ Ribs
Place on campus:
Minges Coliseum
Thing about ECU: the overall support for athletics
ECU Team (other than women’s basketball):
Men’s Basketball

Getting to Know Dana

What’s on your iPod? Michael Jackson
Hobbies: Watching movies, sports and playing video games
I got my start playing basketball:
when I was four years old
My favorite summer activity was: Going to the beach with my teammates
The best thing about playing in Minges is: the fans
Other than basketball, I like to:
download and listen to music
If I could compete in the Olympics in any sport other than basketball it would be:
Tennis or swimming
Not many people know that I: used to pretend to be the Jackson 5 with my brothers and sisters and dance to their songs in the living room
What made you choose ECU? The direction of the program
What impresses me the most about Coach Macy is: Her passion for the game
My goal for the 2012-13 season is: to improve individually and help the team be conference champions
If I could play one-on-one with anyone it would be:
Carmelo Anthony
Community Service moment to remember: Playing and taking pictures with the children at the church



Three Pointers
If I could have dinner with three people it would be:

1. Candace Parker
2. James Naismith
3. Marion Jones

Three words to describe me would be:
1. Funny
2. Determined
3. Blessed

On the Pirates, who is…
Most likely to find her nose in a book?
Ariana Jackson
The team mom?
Celeste Stewart
Most likely to be found in the gym on off-hours? Kyani White
The team clown?
Tatiana Chapple
Morning Person? Tatiana Chapple
Night Owl? Ariana Jackson and Kristine Mial
The dancing queen? Celeste Stewart
Most likely to win “The Voice?” Elise Shelton