Meet the Pirates: Shala Hodges

UABSPORTS.COM Senior guard Shala Hodges
Senior guard Shala Hodges

Oct. 30, 2012


About Shala

Full Name:
Shala Hodges
Nickname: Shay
Parents’ Names:
Genia and James Hodges
Date of Birth: July 23, 1991


Jason Kidd and Dwyane Wade
Sports Team (besides ECU): Miami Heat
Movie: Hannah Montana the Movie
Food: Seafood (Crab legs)
Thing about ECU: the beautiful campus
ECU Team (other than women’s basketball):
Women’s Volleyball

Getting to Know Shala

What’s on your iPod?
Interesting fact about myself:
I scored 50 points in a game in high school
I got my start playing basketball in the:
local rec center
The best moment of my ECU basketball career so far: going to the WNIT
My favorite summer activity was:
The best thing about playing in Minges is: the crowd
Other than basketball, I like to:
hang out with friends
If I could compete in the Olympics in any sport other than basketball it would be:
Table Tennis, Handball and Pole Vault
Not many people know that I: can juggle
The thing I like most about my team is: they’re all amazing individuals
If you could write the headline for this season it would be:
Expect the Unexpected
What made you choose ECU?
The atmosphere
What impresses me most about Coach Macy is:
her passion
If I could play one-on-one with anyone it would be:
Jason Kidd
Community Service moment to remember: Kayaking



Three Pointers
If I could have dinner with three people it would be:

1. Jojo
2. President Obama
3. Dwyane Wade

Three words to describe me would be:
1. Goofy
2. Silly
3. Genuine

On the Pirates, who is…
Most likely to find her nose in a book?
Britny Edwards
The Team Mom?
Celeste Stewart
A Fashionista?
Kristine Mial
Most likely to be found practicing in the gym on off-hours?
Katie Paschal
The team clown? Janesha Ebron
A morning person? Ariana Jackson
A night owl? Ariana Jackson
Dancing queen? Tatiana Chapple
Most likely to lend a helping hand? Katie Paschal