Meet the Pirates: Rachel Stockdale

UABSPORTS.COM Assistant Coach Rachel Stockdale
Assistant Coach Rachel Stockdale

Nov. 4, 2012


About Coach Stockdale

Full Name:
Rachel Nicole Stockdale
Rach, Stock
Date of Birth:
Dec. 21
Alma Mater: North Carolina State


Athlete: Troy Polamalu
Sports Team (besides ECU):
Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Steelers
Movie: Taken, The Sixth Sense, Easy A, The Bone Collector
Food: Frozen Yogurt and Fried Chicken
Place on campus:
Minges Coliseum
Thing about ECU: Pirate Nation!

Getting to Know Coach Stockdale

What’s on your iPod? Adele, Mandisa, Kirk Franklin, Rascal Flatts, NeYo, Keyshia Cole
Cooking/baking, fishing, boating, hiking
My favorite ECU team other than women’s basketball is:
Other than basketball, I like to:
go to the lake, go to sporting events, fish, be outside, hang out with friends, and shop
Not many people know that:
I write poetry
If I could compete in the Olympics in any sport other than basketball it would be:
The thing I like most about the team is: everyone’s desire to be the best
What impresses me the most about Coach Macy is:
Her knowledge and passion for the game

Three Pointers
If I could have dinner with three people it would be:

1. My mom’s dad – he passed away before I was born
2. TD Jakes
3. Kay Yow

Three words to describe me would be:
1. Genuine
2. Independent
3. Determined

If I were granted three wishes, they would be:
1. Cure for cancer
2. Unlimited funds
3. Unlimited wishes