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Newcomer Spotlight: Ali Ramirez

Go Tigers! Ali Ramirez
Go Tigers!
Ali Ramirez
Go Tigers!

Jan. 21, 2014

Leading up to the 2014 season, the East Carolina softball team will introduce each of its newcomers with each of their interests, favorites and other details. Be on the lookout for the next installment and a glance at another first-year player at ECU.

Full name: Aliciana Ramirez

Nickname: Ali

Most interesting thing I did this summer: I went to New Orleans for the Essence Festival and saw Beyonce live!

Phrase you over-text the most: Emojis or “Lol”

Weirdest thing your coach ever said to you: “Move that junk in the trunk!”

Favorite food: Soul food and Mexican food

Favorite food I should never eat, but do: collard greens and yams

Favorite movie: Anything Disney, Love & Basketball, Nacho Libre, The Notebook

Favorite athlete: Valerie Arioto, Kevin Durant and Maya Moore

Favorite off-day activity: Hiking and shopping

Favorite place on campus: Softball field

Favorite Conference USA city: Greenville!

Biggest DVR obsession: Pretty Little Liars

Dream car: Pearl Range Rover or Bentley

Dream job: Attorney

Biggest fear: Not sure

How did you get started in softball? I was six years old and started playing Little League. I remember never wanting to stop. When I was nine, my dad found out about ASA and USSSA softball, so that’s when I started playing competitively.

What are some of your routines on game day or during games? I always wear eye-black and ankle braces



What is your favorite softball memory? My sophomore year of high school, I dislocated my middle finger two days before the first round of playoffs and was told I couldn’t play. I didn’t practice for two days, but suited up for the game anyway. I taped my finger myself and sat the bench waiting for coach to call my name. It was the bottom of the seventh inning and the score was 0-0. There was a runner on second and I was in to pinch-hit. On the second pitch, I hit the ball right off the top of the center field fence, ran to second and watched my teammate score the winning run.

If you could change one thing about softball, what would it be and why? Have a real professional league and bring softball back into the Olympics because in the U.S., softball has grown in popularity.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to young girls who want to play? Work on your own time! Ask yourself how bad you want it and if you want it bad enough, dedicate yourself physically, mentally and academically.

One thing about you that would surprise most people reading this: My personality – I can be a little too goofy.

I can’t imagine going a week without: My phone!

Actress who should play me on the big screen: Jordin Sparks

Song I sing in the shower: Anything Beyonce!

Dream date: I’m a huge romantic, and I love surprises, so my dream date would be a surprise candle-lit dinner, followed by a walk on the beach and ice cream.

First pro sports event you attended: A San Francisco 49ers game

I wish I: Was faster!

Award I would most like to win: Best Actress! I can impersonate anything!

If I were a Pirate, my name would be: Swag

If I could be a character in a movie or a T.V. show, it would be: The girl in ‘Step Up’ with Channing Tatum because they ended up getting married in reality and that is supposed to be me!

The first thing I owned that said “ECU” was: A shirt

The movie about my life would be titled: True Life: Ali Ramirez

The best birthday present you ever received was: Money