Island Thoughts - Kai Clark

UABSPORTS.COM Senior Kai Clark
Senior Kai Clark

March 8, 2013

Allloooohhhaaa Pirate Nation,

Welcome to the beautiful first few days in Hawaii. Let me just say that plane ride was NOT okay (LOL). Turbulence going in to Atlanta was crazy. I felt like I was on a roller coaster and that is not even mentioning the 10 HOUR plane ride to Hawaii, but it was all worth it in the end. Stepping foot into that nice 80 degree weather, OMG! Yes, I am rubbing it in for those of you who are still back home. But let me just say that we are all happy and excited to start playing here today.

For our first non-travel day, a lot of us just enjoyed the beach and time with family and friends that came to join us down here. The hotel we are staying at has a wonderful breakfast layout with some live poolside entertainment. Then directly across the way is the beautiful Waikiki Beach. We made our way over there to get some sun, because lord knows we need it after not seeing the sun much since December.

We then practiced at the University of Hawaii's Rainbow Wahine Softball Stadium. It felt good to practice in some shorts and a t-shirt, quite a few sweet farmers' tans on display too. Then after checking out the game field at practice, it was time to head back and hang out some more.

The coaching staff and I headed down to Central Oahu Regional Park (separately, of course). I went to see my dad and some of my friends that were playing there, while the coaching staff attended for recruiting purposes. It was all in a long day's work for coaches. I really enjoyed spending time with family and friends, while watching the sport that I love. Well Pirate Nation, keep up with us on twitter and please be sure to check out our games online if you can't make a late trip over here. A hui hou and malama pono Pirate fans.