ECU Pirates :: Traditions

Alma Mater - The ECU Alma Mater is "Hail to Thy Name So Fair". It first appeared in the 1940-41 ECTC Student Handbook where it was attributed to a student by the name of Harold A. McDougle ('44). McDougle later became a part-time instructor in the Music Department at ECTC (1946-47) and a music teacher at Greenville High School (1947-48). more
Cannon - It is unclear exactly when East Carolina began using a cannon to hype up the crowd and intimidate its opponents at home football games. But one thing is certain: it has become a staple in the Pirate tradition. more
Fight Song - Cheer for East Car'lina, Cheer for old E.C., We know we're the finest, Onward to victory! GO PIRATES!!! more
The Ghost On The Wind Poem - This poem, composed by Alfred H. Lockamy, is read at many ECU home sporting events. more
The Jolly Roger, No Quarter, and ECU Traditions - Beginning in 2007, the Pirates adopted a new set of flag raising ceremonies at home football games. These new ceremonies reflect the historic Pirate traditions of battle at sea when pirates would hoist the colors of the crew's captain to identify themselves when attacking other sea-faring vessels. more
The Legend of the East Carolina Pirates - This piece, written by three-year football letterman Jerry Tolley, offers a distinct history lesson that combines and associates the Pirate lore of the Eastern North Carolina area with his alma mater. more
Mascot - The Pirate became associated with East Carolina University in 1983. There was a contest to name the Pirate, where the elementary schools of Pitt County were involved and from the nickname PeeDee the Pirate was derived. The name PeeDee was believed to come from the Pee Dee Rivers that flow through North and South Carolina. more
Paint It Purple Fridays - ECU Athletics is encouraging all Pirate Fans to wear purple on Friday's before ECU Football games to show your Pirate Pride! Send us a picture to be included in our photo gallery. more
Purple and Gold - "Purple and Gold" was produced by Ansane of "," performed by Udon Cheek aka Capital U, copyright 2007 by Simple Plain Sight Publishing/ASCAP. This is an Officially licensed East Carolina University Product. more
Purple Haze - The classic Jimi Hendrix tune is played prior to the start of every home football game as the Pirates take to the field through a cloud of purple smoke. more
School Colors - The school colors for East Carolina University - purple and gold - go back to the time when the first students arrived on campus in 1909. ECU historian Dr. Mary Jo Bratton, the author of "East Carolina University The Formative Years 1907 - 1982," said the selection of school colors represented one of the first traditions established by the students. more
Why Pirates? - Pirates were sea-going bandits in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. It has been reported that in the age of piracy, from around 1680 to 1725, there were about 10,000 pirates who sailed the high seas in search of bounty. more